At Norwood Pines Alzheimer's Care Center, we deeply care for those in our community and those who are in need. You could think of our center as a community within our community — one that's focused on care and compassion. Alzheimer's is a tragic, rapidly growing diagnosis. Although our residents suffer from this diagnosis, we strive to provide them with the best life possible. We recognize that although they may not be able to function as they once did, each of them deserve to have dignity, kindness, and great care provided to them. We search for what makes each person happy, and do our best to see to it that they get this.

Community Outreach

When patients come to our facility, we work directly with them to get our patients rehabilitated as quickly as possible with loving care. Friendships are often started in our care center. Some people who have been in our care sometimes come back, simply to say hello to staff and other patients. We are proud of this because happiness and health go hand in hand.

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Chelsea is the Administrator here at Norwood Pines. Running a skilled nursing facility is a passion for her and her goal is to take care of each patient like she would her own mom and dad.

Chelsea's outlook is to provide the best care possible and always speaking the truth above anything else. She believes that doing the right thing will always out weigh anything else. Caretaking with passion and honesty is what motivates Chelsea.


Jeyanthi is the Director of Nursing at Norwood Pines Alzheimer's Care Center and oversees our wonderful nurses. Other Norwood staff members say Jeyanthi is amazing and has such a big heart. She always stays calm and collected no matter what is going on.

Jeyanthi has a way of putting at ease any family's concerns and follows through with any recommendations.