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Norwood Pines offers support groups to families in the community in hopes of easing their burden in some small way.

Lillian, Administrator

Your Family is Our Family

When people hear the words "Nursing Facility", many people still think of the old negative connotations associated with "Nursing Homes" and how they were decades ago. With the growing number of seniors with Alzheimer's Disease or dementia related issues, the level of care being provided has been dramatically enhanced. Norwood Pines is uniquely equipped to provide a much more safe and stimulating environment than most home settings. Many families mean well by keeping their family members home, but too aften the patients is injured, or the caregiver is injured trying to provide care.

We are here to assist you as you consider your options. We recognize it is a difficult decision to make, and are ready to walk you through the process when you are ready.

The best advice I have ever heard regarding placing a loved one is, "Don't let fear or guilt prevent you from making the decision that is best for your family member's health and safety"