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What To Expect

We know it is very difficult to know when the time is right to turn the care of a loved one over to a facility team. We are here to assist you with deciding if that time is now, or if your loved one can still live safely in their current environment.

We also recognize that many times, residents with memory deficits are mistakenly placed in facilities that are not equipped to care for or safeguard such residents. We will help you decide if this may be an issue for you.

What you may expect from us is compassion and assistance in finding solutions to your unique challenges. Often, we recommend options other than admitting the resident to us. We want the best for you and your loved one, and we will do everything possible to be a valuable resource to you.  

  • First, take a look at our FAQ and then schedule an appointment to tour the facility. By reviewing the questions before you arrive, you’ll be better able to determine if your loved one will be well suited to our care center. Ask to see the accommodations, our rehabilitation facility, our outdoor meeting area, and activities room. We even have a hair salon and spa showers. We accommodate individual tastes on our dining plan, and make every effort to make sure that the room meets with the new residents’ expectations. 

  • Second, once you have selected Norwood Pines Alzheimer's Care Center, transportation from the acute care facility to Norwood Pines will be arranged. The new resident will be checked in and thoroughly evaluated by our registered nurses, and an initial plan of care is put into action.

  • After the first night’s stay, our Social Services Director checks in with the resident to monitor moods, see if any thing can be done to make them more comfortable, and assures their transition to Norwood Pines Alzheimer's Care Center has been smooth. The Social Services Director is the liaison between the resident/family and the staff, and acts as the resident advocate. She will be an ongoing means of support throughout the resident's stay, and beyond.

  • Within 14 days, a Care Plan meeting is scheduled, which details every aspect of the resident's care, from nutrition and rehabilitation, to wound care and favorite activities. This is an “all-hands-on-deck” meeting, which includes the family, the resident, and key staff decision makers, so everyone is on the same page from the start.

  • Throughout the resident's stay, family members will be updated to their progress. Residents are encouraged to participate in onsite activities, which can also include outings and church services, when they feel able. Our recreation room is usually bustling with activity, as we want our residents to be as active and stimulated as possible. We have televison/movie viewing rooms and internet access, as well as an extensive library and numerous daily activities which are clearly posted. Meals are customized to suit the individual tastes and dietary needs of the resident, with likes and dislikes addressed in the Care Plan meeting.